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The stupidity of the century! People believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger was born a bodybuilder and spent his days watching wife swapping and eating chips with cola.

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"I just can't, I'm just not smart enough, like you": I listen, just that I was fortunate enough to be born naturally intelligent. An excuse? No, I just didn't do anything, intellect and knowledge from the comfort of a living room chair while watching wife swapping grew, don't you believe? Me neither.

My life experience

When I worked at a company years ago, there was a colleague who read a French book on the way to work, a German book on the way home, and read documentation at work, and amazingly, he was capable and intelligent. I didn't understand it, then I started to "imitate" it, educate myself, and found that intelligence and abilities just grow, that the brain is a muscle.

It is not surprising that I am on fire in some things when I just exercise that brain 24x7, give it stimuli, study, come up with and try new things, it's just not surprising.

I love the excuse "I don't have the brain for languages", I've never heard bigger nonsense in my life. If there was anyone who spoke English worst at school, it was me, out of twenty people, the absolute worst at languages? Me! But I just wanted, I knew that English would open the doors to the world, so I studied language, went to London, and learned fluently, now I speak really beautifully, and I don't believe in "the brain for languages".

I can hardly imagine anyone was duller at repairing household than me. I couldn't do anything. I repair toilets and sinks today using videos on YouTube, and you'll be surprised, it works.

People are lazy thinkers

The main problem with most people is not some innate stupidity, even though genes certainly help, but mostly laziness. I see it every day, people who are lazy to think, it has become a pronounced evergreen. Why? Because thinking hurts!

Of course, Arnold, as Mr. Universe, had and has the prerequisites to become a bodybuilding legend, but you probably don't really think he accomplished this by eating chips and watching wife swap.

We all have to try, we must train our brains, use it, otherwise it will shrink, yes even with us "smart" ones. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised at the many people trying to justify their "laziness", it's human nature. Of course, if you don't have the genes, you won't be the smartest in the world, but that doesn't mean you can't be slightly above average, with effort.

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