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The harsh truth about sales, the secret rule that no one told you about.

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Watch another hundredth video on YouTube to see that everyone is selling, and how you can too, but you won't learn anything, you won't learn how to sell your property, how to sell your car or how to sell yourself in an interview, everyone is silent about how real business works and they write nonsense like "getting a yes from people".

What is business really about?

Although I've read some books about business, I usually didn't come across this in them. I'll give an example, when you're selling a property, or going for a job interview, realistically out of ten interested parties there is one person who intends to buy. One out of ten.

The problem with most people is that they treat all interested parties equally, because they can't recognize the real one in their own way (usually because they talk more than they listen). And the worst part is that they exhaust a lot of energy into people who don't deserve that energy at all.

The key in business is to recognize the real interested party and invest maximum energy into them to catch them.

It sounds simple, but it's not that simple. Often the real interested party doesn't feel the need to show off to you, to convince you of their interest, often it's just not obvious.

I'll give an example, you're invited to several job interviews, you have HR for three interviews, they call you daily, convince you, lure you, but in reality their interest is very lukewarm, they choose from many candidates, take over, negotiate and all of you are led by the nose, through several rounds of selection, and you invest heaps of energy and the results do not come at all.

Then you have the technical director of the company, he called you once, arranged an interview with you in three weeks, and since then he hasn't contacted you at all, nothing happens after the interview, and it seems like a very lukewarm contact, which you forget. In the meantime, HR bombard you and invite you to the third round of interviews among the top ten candidates.

You invest 99% of your time like everyone else in insignificant HR, instead of focusing on the fact that you have contact with the technical director, who has money, decision-making power and doesn't have time for you, and very likely, if you reminded him a few times and fought a little, you have a 10x greater chance than with any HR with 1/10 of the work expended.

People are disgusted by speculators

The biggest paradox is that in the end you start to drive away real buyers, because you start to be absolutely disgusted by speculators. When a real buyer finally calls you, for example, on your property or car sale, you start treating them like a piece of garbage, because so many speculators have called you before that you just don't believe it. And the real buyer wants to have service, negotiation like in cotton, not to impose on you.

You certainly know it, sometimes you were on a property tour, and you had the feeling that you had to almost persuade the real estate agent to sell it to you. He looks sour and annoyed, and you really don't interest him, why should he, he's overloaded.

The basis of trade (and this is again something you won't read about in books) is working with energy, and especially that you devote your energy meaningfully.

Sometimes it's almost amusing how it looks from the other side. For example, I went to a dealership to buy a new car, I was really tired and almost decided in my mind that I would sign the contract on the first visit and choose a car. You won't believe it, they weren't able to sell me that car. It was such a problem that I left without getting anything.

This is not an exception, from the buyer's point of view it is absolutely common that even if you have money in your pocket, you want to shop, but the seller doesn't want to sell, because he has absolutely crazy blocks in his head from the previous nine speculators, and can't recognize that you are a real buyer.

The secret rule of trade

The secret rule of trade that I promised right at the beginning "don't let yourself be sucked out". Really, don't let insignificant speculators, swindlers and hot water traders suck energy out of you, and devote your time and energy to those people who are worth it, and maybe they are not so visible right away.

I always say that when I devote energy to someone who needs it a lot, I deprive people who have lower requirements, want less from me, and are willing to pay more, so it is.

Devote energy to those people who everyone else overlooks. Do you really think that Jeff Bezos will call you three times a day to see if you will take the position of Amazon's director? Probably not, right. Or will you rather be chased by a company where all employees have run away due to bad conditions?

Do you really think that Steven Spielberg will be chasing you about your apartment in the center as his rest property in Prague, or will a speculator who calls on another thirty ads call you every day.

So you know, that's my secret rule of trade.

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