Martin Koníček


  • MicroK8S failing with Kustomize
    MicroK8S failing with KustomizeWhen you get an error message error: failed to run '/snap/microk8s/5250/usr/bin/git fetch --depth=1 https://... main': fatal: couldn't find remote ref main this might be a solution
  • Installing Istio on MicroK8S
    Installing Istio on MicroK8SInstalling Istio on MicroK8S using standard path following tutorial from with just small changes.
  • SSH in Visual Studio Code with KeePass
    SSH in Visual Studio Code with KeePassRemote SSH extension in Visual Studio Code allows you directly edit files on Linux machine and access Linux console from your Windows workstation. For best comfort when you are accessing Remote SSH server from Visual Studio Code use KeePasswith KeeAgent which will works as SSH agent.
  • Enabling Low-Range NodePorts Below 1024 in MicroK8s for Traefik Ingress
    Enabling Low-Range NodePorts Below 1024 in MicroK8s for Traefik IngressDiscover how to configure MicroK8s to use NodePorts below 1024, a key step for setting up efficient ingress controllers like Traefik. This guide simplifies the process, ensuring a seamless integration of lower NodePorts in your Kubernetes environment.
  • Self Hosted GitHub Action Runner on Kubernetes
    Self Hosted GitHub Action Runner on KubernetesI recently set up a self-hosted GitHub Action Runner on Kubernetes, enhancing my CI/CD pipeline with a private Docker repository and microk8s cluster. This setup, accessible via DNS with ingress, offered unparalleled control and security, thanks to the integration of a TLS-secured private Docker registry and my own Certificate Authority.
  • HyperV backup to AWS S3
    HyperV backup to AWS S3I have a Kubernetes cluster at home based on MicroK8S which would be very difficult to build again and is very difficult to backup because you need to take care of Kubernetes settings, Helm settings and also Persistent Volumes. I was looking for fast and reliable disaster recovery solution to backup whole MicroK8S machine running in HyperV and here is what I found out.
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