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Can't you do better? You're lying! You just lack motivation.

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The entire internet is full of people's complaints, work sucks, life sucks, everything's bad. When I was growing up in my family, it wasn't any different - you'll grow up, and you'll find out how hard life is, yeah right. Maybe I'm strange, but I never reconciled with that.

First encounter with English

At school, they always told me I was an idiot at English, that I simply didn’t have the brains for it. If there was anyone who was unequivocally the worst at English in primary and secondary school, it was me. However, there was one small problem, my total distrust of the state, my motivation was always to have the possibility to emigrate from this country, and that really drove me forward.

First, I did a year-long language course, and then seriously moved to England. And even though it was difficult at first, I really learned to fluently speak perfect English. Today, I often speak English better than those people who laughed at me at school.

And yes, I don't actually, like seriously, have the brain for it.

Working from home, my dream

I was often passive at work, lazy, I didn't move anything forward, I didn't particularly educate myself, I just tried to "survive". I was extremely unhappy in the office, quality of life zero, after driving a public transport to and from work, and working under constant supervision on often not very good chairs, I was really not satisfied.

Then I got a job where I could work from home, and I chose a similar approach, but it didn't work, the boss didn't like it, and Damocles' sword began to move above me. This was before Covid, so there were tragically fewer work-from-home offers than today, when companies are trying to get away from this.

I understood that for working from home, which drastically increases the quality of my life, I had to "seriously" try. Suddenly it worked, I started regularly educating myself, pulling projects, and I started to be proactive, just an employee that companies really want, and suddenly I saw that the extra effort was worth it.

Suddenly, it happened that I was quite a "hit" on the job market, and so I got better conditions, and that still motivates me to work hard on myself - I want better working conditions, and frankly, the competition among contractors working from home is quite tough.

Motivation is foundational

I think a lot of things in life are about motivation, just about what we want, then everything goes. What I learned is that it's nice to expect a lot from life and at the same time understand that I have to offer a lot, too. Realise that when I invest something, I will also have something. Who would you rather work with, person who is satisfied with anything and will always be cursing around the corner (in the better case), or a person who is more demanding, but is willing to invest more in things?

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